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IN BUSINESS WORKSHOP: attracting soulmate clients

IN BUSINESS WORKSHOP: attracting soulmate clients
Are you ready to attract clients with more ease?

Are you ready to attract clients with more ease?

Are you ready to attract clients with more ease?

While also:

 having them be juicy soulmate clients

selling from a place of serving, and NOT salesly

understand yourself on a deeper level

following a path of more flow and less resistance

You can- but it's not how you think

You can- but it's not how you think

The most powerful way to attract your clients and create the most impact is through knowing more about WHO YOU ARE

Human design offers you a blueprint of your unique soul

It's a powerful tool to help you learn more about how you are meant to show up in this world

Human Design combines ancient and and modern sciences- and gives you a transformative tool towards personal understanding

Many of us have not been living our life according to our unique design, and it shows! If you have felt like you have struggled to attract your dream clients, chances are you aren't living to your unique Human Design type. 

That's why we created this 90 min workshop!

In it you will learn: 

All about your personal Human Design Type (there are 5!)


How to make aligned decisions in your business

The best marketing style for your Human Design type to attract those soul-aligned clients

The best way to learn and share your knowledge for the most impact


I'm ready to learn attract clients by becoming more ME

Meet Jessica Hutto

Meet Jessica Hutto

Jessica Hutto is an Intuitive Spiritual mentor and healer who helps women make quantum leaps in their life and business  through Chakra work, immersion retreats, and soul expansion. By doing the deep inner work, co-creating, and balancing the chakras- she empowers women to step into who they really are and what they were put on this Earth to do

She is also a certified Love Vibe retreat facilitator trained by Andee Love, certified in energy therapy, and transformational coach

Meet Alicia

Meet Alicia

Alicia is a licensed therapist turned Spiritual Mentor, Quantum Healer & Breathwork Facilitator. She helps women bust through glass ceilings and embody their desires.  She empowers women to be the creator they came here to be by harnessing the power of their thoughts, emotions, & energy so they can make major shifts in their life and business. She strongly believes we were never meant for survival mode. You're meant to live a life that lights you up and deeply resonates with your soul. 

It's time to light the world up with your gifts with more ease

Human Design in Business Workshop


Via Zoom November 11th 5:30-7pm PST



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