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Become a Certified Chakra healer & mentor

 Become a Certified Chakra healer & mentor

Divine Maven's 6 Month Certification Program

The world needs more leaders centered from the heart chakra

The world needs more leaders centered from the heart chakra

The world needs more leaders centered from the heart chakra

If you're reading this, there's a strong chance you are a heart-centered soul. You have a desire to create big impact and share your gifts, but you are tired of the rat race and hustle. You know there is more to life than strategy, money, and mindset. You're here to create a new definition of success- one that comes from alignment and personal growth

You've done the inner work, and are looking for a powerful process to lead your client's through their own transformation

From doormat to Divine Maven

I am the last person you would ever have guessed would call herself a leader. Just a few years ago, I was too shy to speak in front of more than 3 people in my nursing job. So much so, that I never applied for a promotion in my job because it required speaking in front of a panel of people. I was your typical people pleaser, sacrificing my own wants and needs for others. Going after a career that never felt aligned. If this is you too, please know you are not alone!

It wasn't until 7 years ago and my rock bottom moment with depression that introduced me to the spiritual journey and chakra work. I had tried mindset shifts and self-development books. They helped some, but not enough. 

When I found the power of working on my chakras, the real transformation began to occur. It helped me heal and evolve on a physical, mental, and energetic level. 

I've gone from lost and not knowing my purpose to owning and speaking my truth. Something I would have never thought was possible.

Why? Because we have been raised to believe that leaders are meant to lead from their solar plexus- the energy center of drive, motivation, and power. But not anymore

It's time to be the change

It's time to be the change

The coaching industry and the world has for too long focused on money, external validation, and hustle. This is what happens when are chakras are not balanced and are too dominant in one chakra. It's clear the old way of doing things is no longer working. So many of us are walking around unbalanced and unaligned- and we fail to realize the effect that is having on others. 

The chakras are a wonderful roadmap we have been given to bring us into a space of balance and alignment. All the answers and balance we seek have been inside us all along. Learning about chakra work is the key that unlocks that wisdom

My mission is to share the work of the chakras with as many people as possible.To step in to and embody what it means to feel fully aligned in who we were meant to be- leading from the Divine light we are all made from. It starts with us, it starts with you. In doing the inner chakra work on yourself first. And then from that space, leading others to do the same

What you can expect:

I will guide you through your own transformation through chakra energy work

I'll teach you my methods for using chakra work to coach and mentor your clients, including how to diagnose their imbalances and ways to open and balance each chakra

I'll give you guidance and training on how to market and share your gifts with the world, from a place of flow and integrity

You'll be trained in my chakra archetype embodiment process, which I use at my workshops and retreats to embody the essence of each Chakra

I'll teach you my step by step process for my chakra healing sessions- including crystal healing and pendulum work

You'll have the option to be Reiki level 1& 2 certified- to deepen your chakra energy work

You'll learn about Human Design and which of your chakras are defined and undefined, and how that affects how you show up in the world, your marketing, and making decisions 

What is included?

What is included?

What is included?
  • 3 Months of Chakra energy work to balance and embody your own chakras

  • 3 Months of Chakra embodiment practices, exercises, and healings to use on your own clients

  • How to teach about the Chakras and manifesting, and also the Chakras and growth in your biz

  • Optional immersion retreat (think Costa Rica or San Diego vibes)

  • Reiki Level 1&2 Certification

  • Chakra Healing Certification

  • Your name listed on my website Chakra Healing database

  • Access to Online portal with resources for you and your clients

  • Chakra healing tools including my Chakra Oracle Card deck, essential oil blends, and crystals

  • Private Facebook group community 

  • 2 calls a month to learn about each chakra, guest speakers, Q&A, and support

  • Soulwork to complete for yourself and use on your clients

  • Chakra Meditation Scripts to create your own chakra meditations

Apply Now- only 5 spots left!


If you're still wondering if this program is right for you- I invite you to tap into your heart space right now. Not your mind- we were never meant to make decisions from the mind. What does your heart and intuition say? Are you feeling a pull towards creating something expansive? Follow that nudge. It will never lead you wrong.

As someone who has invested $50K + in my own personal, business, and spiritual growth- I can say hands down the most transformational work I did was with the chakras. No strategy or online course will allow you the experience and container that is vital to your evolution and expansion. 

When does it start?

The next cohort for the 6 Month Chakra Healing Certification program begins May 2021 and finishes October 2021


Meet Jessica Hutto

Meet Jessica Hutto

Jessica Hutto is a highly regarded healer, facilitator, mentor, and speaker. She is the founder of the Chakra Healing Certification Program and Divine Maven brand, focusing on energy management and intuitive development for a thriving life and business.


She is certified in energy therapy, transformational coaching, EFT, and Reiki. She finds purpose in mentoring women to lead through heart-centered values in their business. 


From budding entrepreneur to successful business owner, she helps women create a new paradigm around achieving their goals - without the hustle or traditional external values. By focusing on their subtle body system and values rooted in service, they are able to find success and fulfillment while living out their purpose with passion.

What does it mean to be a Divine Maven and lead from the heart chakra?


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm struggling with finding my purpose?

Part of this training is about your own process and healing, and coming home to your own purpose and message. I have found through working with countless clients, that this is revealed to us through doing our own chakra work

Will this be offered again in the future?

Yes, but the investment WILL go up

What does it mean to be Chakra Healer & Mentor?

It means you’ve completed a high-level program to guiding you in embodied leadership and mentorship. You will receive a certificate of completion, a logo for your website and a spot in my Chakra Healer database where you can link or share your info. You will also have access to teach parts of my curriculum with your own unique perspective


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